Pepper Powder very effective

Posted by Tim on 4/1/2013 to Testimonials
Hello, Just wanted to drop you a quick message about how well your Enforcer worked the other evening. We went to serve a failure to appear warrant in Atlanta Georgia , upon entering the apartment our subject decided he did not want to cooperate with us and put up a fight. Our subject was a male 6' 4" and approximately 350 lbs. Not only was he a large male but he was under the influence of methamphetamine and bath salts. When we asked him to get on the ground he resisted and actually started running toward us. My partner deployed his can of pepper spray which had little effect. At that time I decided to use my Phazzer with the pepper powder cartridge. I activated the laser and the flashlight and pulled the trigger. The amount of powder expelled from the cartridge totally covered him and as he was going down, he kept ingesting it making it physically impossible for him to move. Long story short, what an excellent product , lightweight design and most importantly the effectiveness was incredible. Best investment that I ever made as far as safety is concerned. Thank you Phazzer. Sincerely, Tim Taylor Georgia Fugitive Recovery Task Force