PhaZZer 15' Dart Probe Cartridge Yellow Blast Doors

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Part Number:1-NDC15
New Phazzer Dart Ammunition
Design patent pending at the USPTO 

PhaZZer 15 Foot (Yellow) Dart Probe Ammunition Cartridges (1-NDC15) designed with law enforcement in mind.Ammunition fits all Phazzer CEW's and The Taser X26 and Taser M26

CEW weapon cross compatibility with TASER and PhaZZer weapon platforms:


PhaZZer E3 • PhaZZer Enforcer • PhaZZer Enforcer with data port • PhaZZer Dragon

Deploys two (2) small dart probes attached to insulated conductive wires that extend from fifteen (15) feet, effectively subduing and controlling but not permanently injuring an attacker. The effects of Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) is almost immediate. Phazzer dart cartridges separate at an angle of six (6) degrees.  Three (3) degrees up and three (3) degrees down and thus the laser should be sited to the center body mass.  This allows for significantly greater accuracy at longer distances allowing both dart to hit the target to complete the circuit causing NMI. Significant testing has been performed between the TASERs eight (8) degrees of separation and the Phazzers six (6) degrees of separation and results show a greater accuracy with the Phazzers six (6) degrees of separation at distances that exceed fifteen (15) feet.

All PhaZZer Dart Probe Cartridge options are considered Less-Lethal and contain a compressed nitrogen propulsion system. PhaZZer CEWs and cartridges are classified as a Non-Firearm Ammunition by the United States (DOJ) Dept of Justice and (ATF) Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.


PhaZZer offers a full one (1) year repair or replacement warranty from the date of purchase and a five (5) year shelf life from the date of production on all dart probe ammo cartridges. The production date is identified in the serial number located on the bottom of each cartridge. PhaZZer suggests that potential customers check with country, state, and local laws pertaining to possession and usage of CEWs.

Ammo Enhancement: 

Functionally as an added benefit the raised grooves on the release buttons allow for greater leverage resulting in a more secure grip and a near seamless ejection of the cartridge.

Static Guard Safety: 

All PhaZZer Dart Cartridges include a Phazzer Static Guard (Patent Pending) which protects from static build up and prevents accidental discharge.  The Phazzer Static Guard has been tested by the Bureau of Explosives and approved as an unregulated good by the US Department of Transportation allowing for non hazmat shipping by ocean, ground or air.

Design Patent Pending with the USPTO for the NEW PhaZZer® Dart Probe Ammunition Cartridges.

The New Phazzer Dart Probe Cartridge Ammunition was designed by the PhaZZer® Engineering Team for cosmetic purposes ONLY in order to comply with the Pending TASER (Trade Dress) infringement.  This has significantly changed the ammo appearance, shape and design while retaining the functionality and performance that is expected from the PhaZZer customers. 

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