DVR Key Ring. Hidden / Surveillance Camera
DVR Key Ring. Hidden / Surveillance Camera

PhaZZer DVR Key Chain

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For convenient easy recording from your car keys, use the PhaZZer® DVR 1.3 MegaPixel Keychain! You never know what you may encounter day to day. This keychain has a built in 1.3 megapixel hidden camera and DVR capability with micro switch controls right at your finger tips. 

This unique wireless camcorder system will record a crisp clear audio from approx. 30 feet depending on background noise. The device will also record full motion video towards where the operator points the device. Use this covert device for ANY purpose to record potential sudden occurrences you may encounter on a day to day basis for example; car accidents you may be involved in or be witness to, law enforcement, criminal activity, parks, zoos, sporting events, concerts, school programs, family events, outdoor activities, wildlife encounters, or eye witness situations potentially helpful in a court of law. The usefulness is endless! 

The video is stored on a Micro SD flash memory card. Play back is easy using your PC via USB or Flash Card reader and requires no additional software. Our PhaZZer® DVR Keychain has two primary features that competing products may not offer including a special high-tech lens that performs exceptionally well in low illumination conditions and also has a high frequency microphone for greater audio distance capability (up to 30ft). 

The PhaZZer® DVR Keychain not only will take high quality full motion video with audio, but also has a still photo capability. No more need for bulky digital cameras. This unit is fully rechargeable, wireless and will hold a power duration for just under approx. 90 minutes. PhaZZer suggests a 4GB micro SD memory card and the device can support up to a 32GB micro SD card.

Buyer BEWARE of similar products sold at extremely low costs of $15-$25. These products may only perform effectively under a handful of applications and then fail. Do not flush your money down the drain! Buy a PhaZZer brand product, a quality proven trademarked brand accepted by domestic and international law enforcement markets.