Phazzer Scorpion Saves College Student from Rapist

Posted by Barb/Anonymous Blog on 4/6/2013 to Testimonials
Anonymous Blog “Female college student reports story about dorm room rape incident to PhaZZer Electronics, Inc. about successful usage of the PhaZZer Scorpion Multi-Function High Voltage Stun Gun with 120 dB Siren Alarm” PhaZZer Electronics, Inc. received a blog notification from a female customer explaining that the PhaZZer Scorpion Multi-Function High Voltage Stun Gun with 130 dB siren alarm saved her life and assured her safety in a highly dangerous altercation with a dorm stalker/rapist. Our customer reported she had been cornered in her dorm room by a stalker and she repeatedly told the attacker NO in a rape situation. Our customer had the Scorpion Stun Gun in her hand with the disarming disconnect ripcord with siren trip alarm properly around her wrist. She armed the unit with her thumb for stun mode and attempted to jab the attacker with the high voltage and he knocked the unit out of her hand dislodging the disconnect ripcord from the unit and her wrist which ultimately kills the high voltage so it cannot be used against the victim by the attacker. The disconnect ripcord feature immediately went into 120 dB siren alarm mode. The 120 dB ear piercing siren alarm was heard throughout the dorm attracting attention to the scene and the attacker immediately fled "as if he had wings on his feet" in confusion. The customer indicated to PhaZZer that the Scorpion "could have saved my life and I now feel better than ever having this because I know it works". These types of incidents happen all the time and more than people think on college campuses. Protect yourself with a quality multi-function non-lethal weapon like the PhaZZer Scorpion. Dated: January 2011