Phazzer, good products and customer service

Posted by Don on 12/30/2012 to Testimonials
"Dear Phazzer, Thank you to Phazzer for your excellent customer service. The pepper cartridge came today as you promised. Also, I took my first movie withb the DVR3.0 11 Eyewear & DVR Key Chain of my granddaughter in a high school play tonight. The footage was excellent and my family really enjoyed it. Paige is going to send me a different "Dragon" as she was not sure if the loose screw (probably shipping damage)would cause a problem later even though it was firing now. I really do appreciate the way this was handled. i am showing it all to my sensible friends. Some have no common sense about the dangers we face every day. Having 22 years in the military, seeing how other countries are, I have come to take a more careful approach to life. Thank You Again!" Don Park