Phenomenal Customer Service

Posted by Lisa on 12/30/2012 to Testimonials
"Hello There' My intent with this email is to let all of you know that Paige has done a phenomenal job. She called me just a few moments ago to let me know that my replacement glasses were about to be shipped, and verified the address and all that routine stuff. What means the most is that she called me fully aware of the issues we have personally had with the pair of glasses we had. She was friendly and professional as she suggested any and every possible reason why we have had the problems we had. I FINALLY feel confident that we will receive a fully charged/functional pair of glasses that will not fail us in the moment of utmost importance (as others had)and that they will perform as expected throughout their expected lifetime. we are business owners as well and realize that customer satisfaction is crucial to the success of each and every business. "Paige is your key in my opinion." Thank you, Lisa M. Kennedy