Speedy Warranty Replacement

Posted by Ron Pesetti on 1/6/2013 to Testimonials
“Ryan, I wanted to express my utmost of appreciation in regards to how you and your S&R Dept handled my warranty replacement for the Camo Eyewear. I am a QC specialist myself and understand how production can get sometimes. I really appreciated your honesty as to what the core problems were with that particular batch of inventory back in the spring of 2011 and how your company has taken steps to assure a better quality control procedure. It sounds like Phazzer has addressed all major issues there may have been because I received my new eyewear replacement and they work really well. I use them quite a bit for a multitude of different purposes and give nothing but positive feedback. I have recommended this particular product to people I interact with and a few have actually made purchases. Much thanks again and best of luck to your company. Ron Pesetti”