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Fully functioning Refurbished Phazzer Enforcer Black

Like the Phazzer over all. I like the grip the weight and that I can recharge the battery and not have to buy new battery every few months.

Reviewed by: (Verified Agency) Assistant Chief Randy Smith from the Bennington Police Department on 4/09/2017

Phazzer Enforcer Success Story - Emailed

Our agency had out first deployment of your weapon today. Had a suicidal female with a steak knife. The officer was able to deploy the Phazzer. The weapon worked great. The female was safely taken into custody with no injury to officer or suspect. I would like to thank your training staff for working with our agency. If you need a reference from any agency looking to purchase your weapon, they can contact us.

Reviewed by: (Verified Agency) Detective Jeffrey Morris from Racine Police Dept. on 3/26/2017

Phazzer Enforcer Compliment - Emailed

The Phazzer is a good quality tool. Easy to use and charge. The holster is versatile and easy to attach and detach from your duty belt. We're couldn't be happier with our purchase.

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Walt from Colorado. on 3/10/2017


You have to have a Level II holster so no one can take it from you and the Phazzer is well protected. The design on the outside of the holster makes it easy for Law Enforcement to see its not a firearm. It's a must buy item.

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Andrew Clark Bell Isle Police Department, Inc. on 3/6/2017

Phazzer Training Recommendation - Emailed

I had the opportunity to take the instructor certification through Phazzer with my agency manager. I have been teaching for over 20 years as active duty military and private security. Anytime I get the chance to experience and expand my knowledge base, I jump at it. Phazzer and their trainers are a Class Act and extremely experienced in the arena of Conductive Energy Weapons and the application of use of force for Law Enforcement, Security and the Private sector. Phazzer is clearly making an impact on the industry with their technologies and designs with us in mind so that we can be more effective and keep officers safe. Having “Taken the Ride” I feel more confident in knowing what the capabilities are of the tool called Phazzer Enforcer that rests on my belt as a less lethal option for me to utilize while on duty. On behalf of Amerisafety and myself, I thank you for your dedication and professionalism in all you do. I am a better Instructor and a more effective protector on the streets because of your efforts.

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Ray Johnson Operations Manager Amerisafety, Inc. on 2/26/2017

Operations Manager

The ergonomics of this device is phenomenal. I have big hands so I like the feel of my double stack firearms, the grip and feel of the Phazzer is close to the same. With a full 360 degree positive grip gives me the confidence that it will not slip or come out of my hand under stress. They put a lot of thought in the design. Thanks guys! Ray Johnson Operations Manager Amerisafety.

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Ray from Tampa. on 2/24/2017

Untitled Document


Great!! We have used these panzer cartridges a couple of times in bad guys and they never let us down.

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Antoine Loar from Miami. on 1/12/2017

Fugitive Recovery, Team Leader

The Phazzer is the BEST Non-Lethal unit we have used. The Phazzer Enforcer BladeTech Level 2 Retention Duty Holster is a Outstanding Holster it comes with all the pieces to make it adjustable to any belt size. It gives Maximum protection should you get into a hands-on altercation with a suspect. I would recommend the Phazzer line of products to Anyone or Any Department that needs Dependable & Quality equipment.

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Raymond from Lexington, South Carolina. on 1/4/2017

Night shift Corporal and training and firearms instructor

I send most of my nights getting in and out of the vehicle, having a well designed adjust CEW holster like this is wonderful. Being adjustable and ambidextrous this is on the Forefront of my belt I'm able to sit with a very comfortably without poking myself or putting pressure on me.

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Dan Stone from Colorado Springs. on 10/20/2016

Review PhaZZer Ambidextrous Holster:

I spend most of my nights getting in and out of the vehicle, having a well designed adjust CEW holster like this is wonderful. Being adjustable and ambidextrous this is on the Forefront of my belt I'm able to sit with a very comfortably without poking myself or putting pressure on me.

Sent by: (Verified Buyer) D. Stone - Colorado Springs 10/19/2016


Haven't had to deploy, but they do fit well into the taser M26 that I own.

Reviewed by: Rick Zahner from Troy, MO. on 8/5/2016

Goodbye Taser, Hello Phazzer

Why? In my opinion after carrying and having used another device for many years, Phazzer is far superior. The enforcer is much more versatile: Cartridge options (that alone sold me), durable construction and rechargeable for less? This is a far better value. By the way, the company's customer support is stellar

Reviewed by: Frederick from Nevada. on 7/26/2016

Review PhaZZer Enforcer:

Why? In my opinion after carrying and having used another device for many years, Phazzer is far superior. The enforcer is much more versatile: Cartridge options (that alone sold me), durable construction and rechargeable for less? This is a far better value. By the way, the company's customer support is stellar.

Sent by: (Verified Buyer) Shield Defense Systems, Inc. 7/26/2016


I recently was on assignment providing security and had an opportunity to deploy this cartridge on a subject. I took all the fight out of him and I was able to deploy with pin point accuracy. I definitely endorse and recommend adding this to your tools.

Reviewed by: Orrin Knutson from Pasco WA. on 7/8/2016

Review PhaZZer Enforcer:

Just wanted to let you know at Phazzer and to give my biggest thanks to Steve, Barb and the other person from Phazzer Florida for the great customer service and help I received dealing on my Phazzer enforcer, this CEW is the best, much props gotten from fellow police officers which the majority having tasers and not knowing about the Phazzer enforcer seeing me with this unit as a protection specialist (security guard) are surprised and amazed on the great look, construction and function on this unit plus the holster which they say is way better than the competition, THANKS!!!

Sent by: (Verified Buyer) Ephraim F. 6/30/2016


Awesome holster, fits nicely and snug, very tactical looking!

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) ephraim figueroa from Puerto Rico. on 6/30/2016

Review PhaZZer Enforcer:

This is the best product ever invented and it will help in an emergency situation. The other good thing about it is that it is rechargeable and the cartridges take a long time to expire and it has a strong spark that other Tasers don't have. Best product ever couldn't ask for more this was my best birthday present.

Sent by: (Verified Buyer) I. Silva 6/17/2016

Enforcer CEW

This is the best product ever invented and it will help in an emergency situation. The other good thing about it is that it is rechargeable and the cartiages take a long time to expire and it has a strong spark that other Tasers don't have. Best product ever couldn't ask for more this was my best birthday present.

Reviewed by: Isaias from NYC. on 6/17/2016

Bail Enforcement Agent

I love how light weight and solid this device feels. The grip is awesome and switches for light/laser are very easy to engage. My Partner and I switched from Taser. These Units are much more affordable and way better Cartridge options!! We are very pleased! The only thing I would give a negative mark for, is the Holster options..IMO Taser has a lot more Holster options, but..overall, The Phazzer Enforcer was an excellent purchase for us!

Reviewed by: Trevor from California. on 6/13/2016

Phazzer LE Set

Very pleased with the contents. The Phazzer itself is a is very ergonomic especially with the rubber grip. I like the separate flashlight and laser/activation controls. And it truly sounds much more wicked than my old taser. I can only imagine what it will do the first time I have to deploy it.

Reviewed by: Larry Thompson from Blaine County Sheriff's Office Oklahoma. on 6/4/2016


The holster is fairly well built and functionally sound.only issue is the bulkiness. But, tolerable.

Reviewed by: Larry Thompson from Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Oklahoma . on 6/4/2016

Great tool for less money!!

When looking for a less lethal, I decided to go with the PHAZZER because of the price and accessories it comes with. I am glad I did! The alternative cartridges are awesome! I also think the rubber grip is great and it fits my hand better than the more expensive brand. Customer service is the best also!!

Reviewed by: Sheriff from Missouri. on 5/30/2016

Review PhaZZer Dragon:

great deal exactly as advertised first time i tested it scared the heck out of me i didn't realize how powerful it was/is i love the safety feature and re-chargeable battery would buy another one in a heart beat .

Sent by: (Verified Buyer) R Carmichael 3/11/2016

Excellent Product

Excellent product that was well received by our Officers. The ergonomics are excellent and the units are very well constructed. The fact that the light can be operated independently is a great feature. This Department looks forward to many successful years with the PhaZZer Enforcer II.

Reviewed by: Mena Police Department from Mena, AR. on 2/29/2016

Phazzer Enforcer

As a training sergeant for my agency, I highly recommend the Phazzer Enforcer as your first choice for a less than lethal electronic weapons system. Durable, extremely reliable, and highly effective, are all characteristics that make the Phazzer Enforcer my top choice.

Reviewed by: Sergeant J. Lemieux from Belle Isle Police Department / Belle Isle, FL. on 1/28/2016


We ordered the cartridges and the items were shipped promptly. The cartridges are of excellent quality and priced within the budget means of our small department. We also ordered one of the new Phazzer holsters, molded polymer, I must say that the holster is a vast improvement of the old leather ones. We plan on ordering 7 more to outfit the entire department. Phazzer continues to provide a quality product for law enforcement.

Reviewed by: Kenneth from Cumberland Police Dept. on 1/13/2016

Great product at an agency affordable price.

When our agency looked for a less lethal alternative we found Phazzer to be the "best buy" of electronic products. This is a must have tool for law enforcement with great product support.

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Chief Henley from Lewisburg, TN. on 11/8/2015

Assistant Chief of Police

The Chief of Police, and myself, went to a home to arrest a subject that we had a municipal warrant on. While there, we encountered another subject that the state Department of Corrections had a multiple parole violations warrant for. When the Chief of police attempted to take the subject into custody, he resisted and struck the Chief. I issued commands to the subject to get on the ground but he refused to do so. I then used my department issued PhaZZer Enforcer on the subject. As soon as the darts hit the subject, he fell to the ground. Once the cycle was over, the subject yelled out loud "That was a mistake, I'm sorry!" and rolled over and placed his hands behind his back. He was placed in custody without further incident. The PhaZZer Enforcer is, in my opinion, a valuable, well built, tool for today's Law Enforcement Officer.

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Assistant Chief Leonard Garvin from Decatur, MS. on 11/7/2015

Review PhaZZer Enforcer:

Recently, I had to discharge my department issue Phazzer on a subject I told was under arrest. The subject instead of placing his hands behind his back as ordered attempted to flee. I discharged the Enforcer form approximately 12-15 ft. When the darts made contact with the subject he immediately face first to the ground. I was required to activate the Enforcer once more with out the cartridge while I was handcuffing him. The subject complied and was take into custody without further incident.

Sent by: (Verified Buyer) Deputy Chief S. Baxter Fisher County Sheriffs Office Tx on 11/5/2015

Review PhaZZer Enforcer, Dragon & A/C Charger

Review: I have had the Phazzer almost a year now and I love it so much. I have used it in the field since I work in fugitive recovery and it works wonderfully. I recently purchased the charger because I lost my last one and it had arrived very quickly. It works well with my phazzer and the phazzer holds a good charge I hardly have to recharge the weapon. This is awesome and will save you tons of money if you don't have a phazzer get one! I promise it worth it

Sent in by Dondra of San Antonio Texas on 10/16/2015

tactical force

A month ago I purchased phazzer I haven't had any issues with it I like it my co workers are planing to buy some more the look is tactical the grip is fantastic nice product I recommend if you are planning To spend your money make it Worth every dollar phazzer.

Reviewed by: Antonio from los angeles ca. on 9/30/2015

Review: Tactical Force use of a PhaZZer Enforcer

Review: A month ago I purchased a PhaZZer Enforcer and I haven't had any issues with it. I like it my co workers are planing to buy some more. The look is tactical, the grip is fantastic! Nice product I recommend if you are planning to spend your money make it worth every dollar with PhaZZer.

Sent in by Antonio of Los Angeles, CA on 9/30/2015

tactical force

Nice product grip feals great look is tactical I purchase holster . with it best of it rechargeable batterie

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) antonio madera from los angeles ca. on 9/30/2015

Deal Breaker

I am a private sector security officer and a MP in the National Guard.I have used the x26 Taser for year and have trained with numerous law enforcement agencies that carry them without a shadow of a doubt I like Phazzer better the grip is more comfortable, being able to recharge after ever shit is a plus, having a way brighter light, and the biggest bonus is that its almost half the price of what Taser wants!!!

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Ray Wilhelm III from Somerset PA. on 9/27/2015


Great price and customer service.

Reviewed by: Thomas Frederick from Hamilton, Indiana. on 9/5/2015


Excellent product, I like the static guard!.

Reviewed by: Mike from St. Augustine, Fl. on 8/31/2015

Personal/Family Safety

I moved with my family for work to an area that is not what I would consider "safe". I hope and pray that I never need to use this. However, if the time ever came that something happens in the middle of the night, I feel much safer knowing that this is available. Thank you Phazzer.

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Regular Guy from Chicago, IL. on 8/26/2015

Review: PhaZZer Short Sleeve Compression Crew Shirt - Black

The compression shirts are comfortable to wear. The material (moisture wicking)feels cool and helps to control odor. The shirts do not snag like others I have seen.

Sent in by Staff Sergeant T.W. Baker of Florida on 8/22/2015

Review: Law Enforcement

Review: I have to say that the PhaZZer Enforcer is hands down the best CEW I have ever had the pleasure to use!! I have 20 years experience in Military Police and Civilian Police and this Enforcer has personally stopped numerous situations from escalating into deadly force!! The Pepper Blast Cartridge was deployed into a 10x15 room and successfully incapacitated 3 suspects wanted for some serious crimes and all 3 were taken into custody without a single shot fired even though they had 5 weapons within reach!! Based on my experience, had we not had the Enforcer with its capabilities of deploying the Pepper Blast there would have no doubt been casualties, both bad guys and Officers!! I would and have recommended this to every Law Enforcement officer I come in contact with!!! Also, I have deployed every type cartridge except the paint marker and I have had no failure to deploy and they all have worked extremely well!! Thank you to the inventors of this fantastic non lethal weapon and keep up the great work!!

Sent in by Michael Alvaro of Philadelphia, PA on 7/22/2015

Law Enforcement

I have to say that the phaser enforcer is hands down the best CEW I have ever had the pleasure to use!! I have 20 years experience in Military Police and Civilian Police and this enforcer has personally stopped numerous situations from escalating into Deadly force!! The Pepper Blast Cartridge was deployed into a 10x15 room and successfully incapacitated 3 suspects wanted for some serious crimes and all 3 were taking into custody without a single shot fired even though they had 5 weapons within reach!! Based on my experience, had we not had the enforcer with its capabilities of deploying the Pepper Blast there would have no doubt been casualties, both bad guys and Officers!! I would and have recommended this to every Law Enforcement officer I come in contact with!!! Also, I have deployed every type cartridge except the paint marker and I have had no failure to deploy and they all have worked extremely well!! Thank you to the inventors of this fantastic non lethal weapon and keep up the great work!!

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Michael Alvaro from Philadelphia PA. on 7/22/2015

Law Enforcement

Awesome holster!! Very easy draw and fits extremely well inside!!

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Michael Alvaro from Philadelphia . on 7/22/2015

Remarkable Product

Just recently, I purchased two PhaZZer units to incorporate into my departments use of force program. After user review of the units, I am happy to rate it a 5 Star product. The advanced ergonomic features, Safety Shut-Down Circuit Technology, Integrated Sight Laser/160 Lumen LED Light (with option of activation), and a variety of ammunition choices, along with PERFORMANCE totally sold me on the product. I just recently deployed the PhaZZer while attempting to arrest an intoxicated disruptive suspect and totally neutralized the suspect with one full operational cycle. As a result, the suspect was safely restrained and taken into custody eliminating injury risks and unwarranted liability issues to both officer's and suspect alike. The unit is very solidly built and has better features coupled with solid performance than any other CEW competitor on the market today for 25%-35% of its competitors price. If your department is researching to incorporate a CEW into their use of force program I would highly recommend PhaZZer  as your number one choice.

Reviewed by: Chief Edward Williams from Mountain View Police Department Oklahoma. on 7/3/2015

Chief of Police

I have recently received my new Phazzer Enforcer and this is a great product. I really like the rubberized pistol grip and the built in flashlight. It is also very convenient for it to be rechargeable. I really like this product and am looking forward to purchasing more for my department.

Reviewed by: Rob Stallcup from Chattanooga, OK. on 6/20/2015


I am very happy with all the products. I will definitely continue using phazzer products companywide

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Jacob LeVeque from Clarksville, Tennessee. on 6/5/2015


We have been using the Phazzer holsters now for some time. We are satisfied with them. We just ordered a new one due having a left hand officer. The gun and holsters have worked well for us. Claude L. Warren Police Chief Osborne Police Department Osborne, Kansas

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Chief Claude Warren from Osborne PD. on 6/3/2015

PhaZZer® - Exciting and Superior Taser® Alternative

I have been a huge fan of Taser® for a long time, so after reading about PhaZZer®, I was intrigued and decided to order. After a carefully objective analysis of the Enforcer versus the X26 I have summarized my findings. - Grip. My main issue with the X26 was solved the moment I picked up the Enforcer. It just feels better in my hands...period. -Ammo Selection. The options you have for various cartridges make this an extremely versatile choice for personal defense. AND..all cartridges are interchangeable and work in a Taser® as well?? Awesome. -Battery. The Enforcer is rechargeable and I don't have to monitor the battery life indicator because it doesn't need one. -Price. Why spend 30%+ or more on an inferior product?

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Robert Watson from Tucson, Arizona. on 5/30/2015

Review: The PhaZZer items are of very good quality

The PhaZZer items are of very good quality with great attention to detail. The grip is very comfortable, and the light and rail cam work great. I look forward to working with the very friendly staff at PhaZZer. They have provided me with excellent service.

Sent in by James Carey on 5/18/2015

Customer Service Letter: The service provided by PhaZZer is outstanding!

We have received all items we have ordered, to date. The service provided by PhaZZer is outstanding! Beyond compare to most other vendors. Most of the items have been of very good quality. We’ve had minor problems, but none that are too significant, nor unexpected (for a relatively new product). Please keep up the good work. Look forward to conducting business with you in the future.

Sent in by Maj. Gallman, Calhoun PD on 5/13/2015

Customer Service Letter: I love this Phazzer.

Hi, I love this Phazzer. I work in a building that CCW is not permitted. Employer suggested I use pepper spray. Sheriff deputies told me pepper spray is great outdoors, but inside it can cloud up and blind you too. They suggested a Taser. I looked at Taser and found Phazzer. Same ammo, rechargeable battery, bright flashlight and laser for a more reasonable cost. Velocity products got the Phazzer here very quickly and did a great job communicating each step of shipping. I used it the same day it arrived. Keeps me legal in places the CCW is not allowed, is better protection than pepper spray. You guys are great! Roy

Sent in by Roy Hause on 4/07/2015

Customer Service Letter: I love this Phazzer.

Seinor Instructor, Owner

As always, the cartridges work perfect and beat's the competition hands down.

Reviewed by: Peter Fair from Denver. on 3/25/2015

Customer Service Letter: The grips work a lot better than the original ones.

The grips work a lot better than the original ones. It holds the battery door in the end of the weapon.

Sent in by Claude L. Warren, Chief on 3/02/2015


I recently responded to a dog bite call, where a 60 lb lab/chow mixed dog had bitten a citizen. I attempted to make contact with the owner and the dog attempted to attack me. I deployed my Enforcer, striking the dog on the back, and there was an immediate change in it's behavior. The Phazzer Enforcer is an excellent and valuable weapon on the belt, and provided an alternative to using a firearm on the dog. The Phazzer Enforcer is a natural fit in the hand and the reduced spread of the darts ensured the accuracy on a smaller fast moving target. AWESOME WEAPON!!

Reviewed by: Robert Ladoczky from Belle Isle, Florida Police Department. on 2/25/2015

Training Officer

Phazzer was shipped very fast to department and was quicly put to use. The flashlight is amazing and the ease of use is outstanding. Rechargeable battery is a huge plus. Look foward to trying all of the Phazzer cartrides out in the near future

Reviewed by: Caney105 from Caney, KS. on 2/19/2015

15 year LEO Veteran , Law Enforcement Instructor

Recently, I transitioned to to Phazzer Enforcer and I can say I have been nothing but pleased. On a few occasions I have deployed it in the field with immediate results. As an instructor I have deployed it in controlled environment training and again always performed as expected. The lighter weight and ergonomic design makes it very easy to use and retain in your hand even under stress. I enjoy the fact it is rechargeable which saves a bundle on batteries. I would and frequently do recommend this product to other officers and agencies because I carry it everyday while on duty.

Reviewed by: James S. Ulmer Sr. from Maryland, USA. on 2/19/2015

Customer Service Letter: I've received several items from you guys and have always been happy.

Thank you. I've received several items from you guys and have always been happy. We will continue to order products from your company as long as we get the same customer service and satisfaction, we appreciate your service.

Sent in by Capt. Dillard EAGLE ONE SECURITY. on 2/23/2015

Phazzer 21 Dart Pro Cartridge

The Phazzer Pro Dart 21 works perfectly in my X26. The company has excellent communication and customer support. I have ordered more carts and this is the only store that I do business with for all my CEW needs. Thank You for providing excellent products that exceed perfection. Steve

Reviewed by: Steve from Keller,TX. on 1/2/2015

Police Officer

I purchased the Phazzer LE unit to use as a police officer after my Taser X-26 battery was too low to use. I watched the videos and saw another local officer with the Phazzer and he rated it highly over the Taser unit. I am sold on the Phazzer unit for several reasons. The light is much brighter, the laser is on-point, the battery is replaceable and rechargeable versus spending $50 several times yearly for a new battery and the unit is built more solid than the Taser. It feels better in my hand, sorta like a Glock does, IMO. I've deployed the Phazzer on several combative actors whom reacted the same way as the Taser deployment. 2 got stunned and 2 complied when the unit was deployed without a cartridge. A number of officers asked to see the Phazzer and said they'd love to switch because of the light and the battery alone. The overall price and the money saved on batteries were selling points. The only concern the officers had was Taser's lengthy reputation and documentation in the LE field versus Phazzer. It would be beneficial for a Phazzer representative to give an introduction to our local departments. I know the unit is built better, more user friendly and has enhanced features than the Taser I currently own. I've shelved that unit because the battery was less than 15% and I pay out of pocket for replacements. Great product.

Reviewed by: David Bahus from Pittsburgh, PA. on 1/2/2015

Best electrical controlled device we have had highly satisfied

Awesome love it so much my boss from lipstick bounty hunters purchased this product after I told her about seeing it on facebook and she gave me one. We all have the pink enforcer for fugitive recovery. We had problems with the x26 and not knowing when the battery was low and having to purchase a new one we love hoe the enforcer allows you to recharge the battery the led light is way brighter and the force options are genius... Lipstick bail bonds would love to sponsor this product if possible we love it that much!!!

Reviewed by: Dondra Fleming from San Antonio texas . on 1/1/2015

Demo Review Letter: The PhaZZer is awesome!.

Just quick note to let you know that we are sending demo phazzer equipment back to you with raving reviews to follow. The PhaZZer is awesome! We have found it to be very effective and our Council really likes the fact that each use is being videoed for our protection and use as evidence of need to use force. Thanks for an awesome product at a price an average department can afford.

Sent in by Brent L. Callihan, Esq. Chief of Police. on 2/23/2015

NW shell

It is very good I love it

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Waled Mubarz from Oakland. on 12/26/2014

Great CEW

This is an amazing product. It is much less expensive than the TASER, and offers a variety of less-than-lehtal options. I actually prefer this to my X26.

Reviewed by: Shiro Ulv from Brunswick, GA. on 12/3/2014


We have purchased 10 of the Phazzer Enforcer's we started out with four and have since added the other six. Our goal is to equip each Deputy with one of these units, we have also purchased the Blade Tech Level 2 Retention Holsters as well as the single cartridge holsters. The guys have had positive remarks about the units and this is what we plan to stay with. I can't say enough about the customer service they have been A+ I look forward to my next order with them. Special thanks to Barb and staff for all your help. Thanks

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Sgt. Rusty Mitchell from Pulaski County Sheriff's Office. on 11/24/2014


Thank you for suggesting this holster. What a great fit and finish!

Reviewed by: Ronald Dorler from Portland. on 11/17/2014

Owner/Primary Agent at Bail Mother Bail Bonds, Inc.

The PhaZZer Enforcer is an Exceptional (non-lethal) weapon. It has been my protector in some intense situations related to the Bail Industry. I personally recommend the Enforcer if you are in anyway related to the Bail Bonds industry, Law Enforcement or Security. In addition, the HD DVR Rail Cam is a must-have for the PhaZZer Enforcer. -Brandy Romine (aka) Bail Mother

Reviewed by: Brandy Romine (aka) Bail Mother from Orlando, Florida. on 11/1/2014

Private Security-Lieutenant

These guys offer a great product for an awesome price. The cartridge was in hand very quickly which meant I could put it in the hands of my officers, where it needs to be. I love that they offer the extra feet and penetration too.

Reviewed by: Chris from Rockford, IL. on 9/9/2014

LVL3 Commissioned Officer

I've had the Phazzer Enforcer for about a Month now and love it, though have a few things I'd like to see in later models. I would like to see the edges of the frame a little more streamlined and less blocky. It tends to get hung up on the muzzle when placing it back in the holster in a hurry. Perhaps having the square cartridge meet up with the upper and lower end of the muzzle, which wouldn't allow any hang up. I love the feel and length of the grips, but one thing makes me worried. The plastic pin protecting the charging port can be easily broken off in an altercation. Would like to see this replaced with a rubber nipple that wraps down from the grips. If the plastic pin were to snap, it would break inside the port and be a big problem trying to dig out the pieces. I would also like to see a bit more weather proofing. As you know, being out in the field we're subjected to all forms of weather and environments. Even in the summer time we might get surprised by a sudden sprinkler or end up wrestling near a gutter. All and all I've had to rely on The Enforcer several times, and has yet to fail in visual intimidation. The all around design is not only comfortable but light, and the choices in cartridges is a great way to stay versatile for whatever situation is needed. The fact that this tool is also rechargeable is a dream come true to those that purchase back up bat's for emergency. Just plug it in when the light turns red and let it charge over night, done and done. Been waiting for a unit like this for a long time, thank you for answering the call of demand. Officer S. Hoffman F.A.S.T Fresno CA.

Reviewed by: S. Hoffman from Fresno, CA. on 9/2/2014

Phazzer Enforcer Amazing!

I received the enforcer today and I am absolutely surprised how well it performs. As a certified user with the Taser x26, I was a bit hesitant when purchasing this product, but after extensive research I decided to go with it. Upon review of the device I fell in love with the over all feel in my hand. The three point grip really allows the user for better handling vs the Tasers x26 2 finger grip. I fired a training cartridge today and as expected there was no recoil, or any problems with it. The holster that comes with it is great for general duty however in my line of work and I'm sure law enforcement personel can relate, a more reliable duty holster would be the best choice and phazzer does offer additional holster options which I will definitely take advantage of. One of the better features of this device is the fact that it's rechargeable. Unlike the taser x26 model which requires replacement of the battery upon depletion, Phazzer enforcer does not. This is a feature that I actively enjoyed. Another awesome and unique taste that the enforcer brings to the market is the different types of ammunition cartridges. I Belive this factor would greatly benefit security and law enforcement personel with tons of non lethal mechanics. The price is great for the features it has, however there are other authorized dealers out there which may provide a better deal. Overall if you are interested in the purchase of a reliable, comfortable and affordable CEW, the phazzer enforcer is the way to go.

Reviewed by: Andrew - Private Security from Arizona. on 8/3/2014

fugitive recovery agent

The phazzer design goes above and beyond any of their competition from the three finger grip to the ambidextrous light design. The first time I took mine in the field I did not turn my streamlight on one time due to how bright the light is on the phazzer. Unlike most other products I would recommend this to any of my friends in our profession because of the durability and knowing that when the moment comes when I need my phazzer it will not fail me and above all there is not another company with the customer service phazzer has.

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Joshua smith from Monroe,La. on 7/22/2014


The Phazzer Enforcer is a top knotch weapon. I highly recommend purchasing one.

Reviewed by: Chris from Darien CT. on 7/19/2014

25ft cartridges

These are the best cartridges on the market. The extra range sure does make a difference. If you are law enforcement you are going to want to stock up on these bad boys, when a suspect is running from you every foot counts right.

Reviewed by: John from CA. on 6/29/2014

yellow blast doors


Reviewed by: JOHNNY from ca. on 6/29/2014



Ok now this product is my favorite pepper product of ALL. Now I have experience in MANY different pepper sprays and guns of all sorts and I have now found the BEST of all. If you want to shoot up to 30 feet in range and completely impair a suspects vision and breathing then you have found the right cartridge for you. Now order them up because I promise you will be more then satisfied, again thank you PHAZZER for your amazing products.

Reviewed by: Johnny from California . on 6/26/2014

Great product!

Love the design and comfortable fit of the Phazzer stun gun. We recently had a situation with a guy twice my size who came onto our home property illegally. Yelling at the man to leave and the sight of guard dogs did not deter the suspect. Used the taser gun to put him down until the police arrived. It worked. Recently bought a second Phazzer for our business.

Reviewed by: mark poirier from Los Angeles. on 6/11/2014

awesome performer

I've had my enforcer for a while and it performs flawlessly every time. i am a bail enforcement agent and it works every time i need it to even if i have to fight with a fugitive and it takes a bump it still works.

Reviewed by: Chad Philbrook from minnesota. on 4/16/2014



Love it!

I order a Phazzer instead of the Tazer. I did for two reason the price and the LED that is included on the phazzer. I have had my phazzer for about 3 weeks now. and I love it. I have used it on several pickups and am very pleased with it. As a bail agent I use it a lot. You won't be disappointed with it.

Reviewed by: Roger from Greensboro, NC. on 4/14/2014

Fits and works perfectly with X26

I received this product fairly quickly after having ordered it. Once in my possession I check to see if it fit properly in my Taser X26 (as they should be compatible with one another) and it sure enough did. Then I decided that I wanted to try it out and see what getting tased feels like, that way I could better determine how effective of a defensive weapon it can be. I attached the probes to my back (clipped to a t-shirt), one at my left shoulder and one under my right buttock. I had my roomate activate the taser for roushly 1 second. It is a VERY effective tool, I immediately dropped to my knees and seized up. It was not at all painful, just very immobilizing and uncomfortable. I could not move and I focused on my breathing and heart rate, neither of which seemed in any way affected by the tasing I was receiving. After it was over I got up and removed the prongs to discover 2 tiny burn marks at the locations they were placed. Other than that I was fine and this product allowed me to fully understand how a taser works and better judge it's useability in situations.

Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Ernest Young from Charlotte, NC. on 3/14/2014


I have had the Phazzer in my possession for about three weeks. I test fired it as soon as it arrived and it performed as expected. I have not had to deploy the Phazzer in the line of duty yet but I am confident it will do the job. I have showed it to several other officers that currently use the Taser and they were impressed with the feel and layout of the gun. They were also shocked at the lower cost. I will continue to show it off, it is a great product.

Reviewed by: Det. George Long from Leetonia ohio. on 3/3/2014

Great products

As always everything I have ever received from your company has never been anything less than perfect. The time that it takes to receive the items you order is so quick unlike other companies. I have not had a chance to actually use these new ones but in the past have had nothing but great success.

Reviewed by: Georgia Fugitive Task Force from Atlanta Georgia. on 7/13/2013

Great Customer Service - That's awesome!

That's awesome! Thank you so much for the great customer support... Jennifer

Posted by Jennifer on 4/6/2013

Phazzer Enforcer more Versatility than the Taser x26

Thought I would share another wonderful experience I recently had using the Phazzar Enforcer and again the Pepper Powder Cartridge. June 5th, 2013; My partner and I had to execute a warrant on a known drug dealer who was believed to be in the area of Moreland Avenue in Atlanta Georgia, after a few hours of speaking with the prostitutes and drug users on the street we were able to determine that are subject was indeed staying in the general vicinity and known to be driving a maroon Honda Accord. We were told that he was always armed and a very violent person so we both knew that we had to keep our guard up no matter what. Around 2:30 a.m. the morning of June 6th, 2013 the subject had pulled up to the Wendys Parking lot to make a drug deal, when we told him to see his hands he proceeded to take off in the vehicle, we both got into our vehicle and pursued the car. After about a 10 mile pursuit we were getting close to a populated area and knew that if we got there we would have to end the pursuit so no innocent citizens would possible be injured. At that time I made the decision to take out my lead cartridge and insert the pepper powder cartridge, we pulled along side the vehicle and I pointed my laser inside at him directly on his temple and released the cartridge. Both him and his passenger immediately grabbed their faces and it was apparent that they were having difficulty seeing as well as breathing. The two subjects in the vehicle started coughing heavily and could no longer see. The vehicle came to a stop and the driver was trying to reach for his pistol which we later discovered was in the center console but due to his vision being impaired he could not seem to reach it in time. We were able to subdue both subjects and found out that the other subject in the vehicle also had an active warrant. This is the second experience I have had using the Phazzer Enforcer and I must say the ability to choose between cartridges for a certain situation is an awesome feature. My partner and I firmly believe that if we did not have the Phazzer Enforcer that our subject would have got away that night and even if we did get him to stop the vehicle he would have been able to reach for his pistol; I do not want to speculate on what could have happened at the moment if we would have not deployed the pepper cartridge. Thank you again ! ! ! Paul Libri

Reviewed by: Paul from Atlanta. on 6/10/2013

Better Results than the Taser M26C

The Phazzer Enforcer has better results than the Taser M26C another cool thing about it is that you can use the M26C cartridges but you cannot use the Phazzer Cartridges on the Taser M26C. If you are in Law Enforcement do yourself a favor purchase the Phzzer Enforcer you will not regret it after the first use. You will be satisfied as I am to money well spent.

Reviewed by: ROBERT SWEENEY from OKLAHOMA. on 5/20/2013

Pepper Powder very effective

Hello, Just wanted to drop you a quick message about how well your Enforcer worked the other evening. We went to serve a failure to appear warrant in Atlanta Georgia , upon entering the apartment our subject decided he did not want to cooperate with us and put up a fight. Our subject was a male 6' 4" and approximately 350 lbs. Not only was he a large male but he was under the influence of methamphetamine and bath salts. When we asked him to get on the ground he resisted and actually started running toward us. My partner deployed his can of pepper spray which had little effect. At that time I decided to use my Phazzer with the pepper powder cartridge. I activated the laser and the flashlight and pulled the trigger. The amount of powder expelled from the cartridge totally covered him and as he was going down, he kept ingesting it making it physically impossible for him to move. Long story short, what an excellent product , lightweight design and most importantly the effectiveness was incredible. Best investment that I ever made as far as safety is concerned. Thank you Phazzer. Sincerely, Tim Taylor Georgia Fugitive Recovery Task Force

Posted by Tim on 4/1/2013

Speedy Warranty Replacement

“Ryan, I wanted to express my utmost of appreciation in regards to how you and your S&R Dept handled my warranty replacement for the Camo Eyewear. I am a QC specialist myself and understand how production can get sometimes. I really appreciated your honesty as to what the core problems were with that particular batch of inventory back in the spring of 2011 and how your company has taken steps to assure a better quality control procedure. It sounds like Phazzer has addressed all major issues there may have been because I received my new eyewear replacement and they work really well. I use them quite a bit for a multitude of different purposes and give nothing but positive feedback. I have recommended this particular product to people I interact with and a few have actually made purchases. Much thanks again and best of luck to your company. Ron Pesetti”

Posted by Ron Pesetti on 1/6/2013

I'm impressed with speedy processing of my order.

"Steve, Thank you for your offer. I placed my order this morning and it is already on its way. I'm impressed with speedy processing of my order. Thanks again, Roger R*******"

Posted by Roger on 1/6/2013

Phazzer, good products and customer service

"Dear Phazzer, Thank you to Phazzer for your excellent customer service. The pepper cartridge came today as you promised. Also, I took my first movie withb the DVR3.0 11 Eyewear & DVR Key Chain of my granddaughter in a high school play tonight. The footage was excellent and my family really enjoyed it. Paige is going to send me a different "Dragon" as she was not sure if the loose screw (probably shipping damage)would cause a problem later even though it was firing now. I really do appreciate the way this was handled. i am showing it all to my sensible friends. Some have no common sense about the dangers we face every day. Having 22 years in the military, seeing how other countries are, I have come to take a more careful approach to life. Thank You Again!" Don Park

Posted by Don on 12/30/2012

Phenomenal Customer Service

"Hello There' My intent with this email is to let all of you know that Paige has done a phenomenal job. She called me just a few moments ago to let me know that my replacement glasses were about to be shipped, and verified the address and all that routine stuff. What means the most is that she called me fully aware of the issues we have personally had with the pair of glasses we had. She was friendly and professional as she suggested any and every possible reason why we have had the problems we had. I FINALLY feel confident that we will receive a fully charged/functional pair of glasses that will not fail us in the moment of utmost importance (as others had)and that they will perform as expected throughout their expected lifetime. we are business owners as well and realize that customer satisfaction is crucial to the success of each and every business. "Paige is your key in my opinion." Thank you, Lisa M. Kennedy

Posted by Lisa on 12/30/2012

Harding University Public Safety utilizes the Phazzer video Eyeware

"Harding University Public Safety utilizes the Phazzer video eyewear for force on force simulation training. The eyewear has been an invaluable addition to our weapons training. It allows us to evaluate what our officers see during training, to help our training staff better prepare officers for potentially violent encounters. The Phazzer eyewear system is an inexpensive investment for officer safety." Thanks, Karen Davis Asst. Director Harding University Security & Public Safety Department

Posted by Karen Davis on 12/30/2012

Review PhaZZer Enforcer:

Excellent product that was well received by our Officers. The ergonomics are excellent and the units are very well constructed. The fact that the light can be operated independently is a great feature. This Department looks forward to many successful years with the PhaZZer Enforcer II.

Sent by: (Verified Buyer) Mena Police Department.

Review PhaZZer Enforcer:

The main difference is the cost, the battery life on the PhaZZer is a lot longer, so they'll recharge more often. That's a big savings on us.

Sent by: (Verified Buyer) Lt Holland from Madison County