Review: Our goal is to equip each Deputy with one of these units.

Posted by Sgt. Rusty Mitchell on 11/25/2014 to Testimonials
We have purchased 10 of the Phazzer Enforcer's we started out with four and have since added the other six. Our goal is to equip each Deputy with one of these units, we have also purchased the Blade Tech Level 2 Retention Holsters as well as the single cartridge holsters. The guys have had positive remarks about the units and this is what we plan to stay with. I can't say enough about the customer service they have been A+ I look forward to my next order with them. Special thanks to Barb and staff for all your help. Thanks Rating: 5

Review: The PhaZZer Enforcer

Posted by Brandy Romine (aka) Bail Mother on 11/3/2014 to Testimonials
The PhaZZer Enforcer is an Exceptional (non-lethal) weapon. It has been my protector in some intense situations related to the Bail Industry. I personally recommend the Enforcer if you are in anyway related to the Bail Bonds industry, Law Enforcement or Security. In addition, the HD DVR Rail Cam is a must-have for the PhaZZer Enforcer. -Brandy Romine (aka) Bail Mother Rating: 5

Great Customer Service

Posted by Jennifer on 4/6/2013 to Testimonials
That's awesome! Thank you so much for the great customer support... Jennifer

Phazzer Scorpion Saves College Student from Rapist

Posted by Barb/Anonymous Blog on 4/6/2013 to Testimonials
“Female college student reports story about dorm room rape incident to PhaZZer Electronics, Inc. about successful usage of the PhaZZer Scorpion Multi-Function High Voltage Stun Gun with 120 dB Siren Alarm”

Pepper Powder very effective

Posted by Tim on 4/1/2013 to Testimonials
We went to serve a failure to appear warrant in Atlanta Georgia , upon entering the apartment our subject decided he did not want to cooperate with us and put up a fight. Our subject was a male 6' 4" and approximately 350 lbs. Not only was he a large male but he was under the influence of methamphetamine and bath salts.

Thank You

Posted by Roger on 1/6/2013 to Testimonials
Thank you for your offer. I placed my order this morning and it is already on its way. I'm impressed with speedy processing of my order.

Speedy Warranty Replacement

Posted by Ron Pesetti on 1/6/2013 to Testimonials

Harding University Public Safety utilizes the Phazzer video Eyeware

Posted by Karen Davis on 12/30/2012 to Testimonials
The eyewear has been an invaluable addition to our weapons training. It allows us to evaluate what our officers see during training, to help our training staff better prepare officers for potentially violent encounters.

Phenomenal Customer Service

Posted by Lisa on 12/30/2012 to Testimonials